Baddest [adjective]

Definition of Baddest:

poor quality

Opposite/Antonyms of Baddest:

Sentence/Example of Baddest:

You think that when I said people considered me a very bad woman they meant baddest bad, and that they considered right?

She ees the most baddest Mademoiselle zat I have een my class.

Under the Second Empire, Paris was at her maddest, baddest, and best.

It was a stream of the baddest names known out here, an' lots I never heard of.

But if you mean ze boy who done ze much most—ze baddest of all ze bads—ah, I know him!

Of his particular master he spoke thus: "He was one of the baddest men about Prince George; he would both fight and kill up."

It's dreadful hard work, too; keeps him out for days and nights, over bad roads and baddest weather.

Whoever took my bag, I hope hell have the baddest kind of luck.

Here Edward established a reputation for being the "baddest" boy in America.

A Duppy of one's own family is worse than a stranger's, and the "baddest" of all is Coolie Duppy.