Badgered [verb]

Definition of Badgered:

nag, bother

Synonyms of Badgered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badgered:

Sentence/Example of Badgered:

D'ye know why, a month ago, I badgered Newcastle into getting me a company in the Blues?

He had been badgered too much this morning, and this big, rather convincing looking applicant worried him.

Dormer is being badgered out of his mind big as he is and he hasn't intellect enough to resent it.

It simply means that if any member wants to badger some one in the House about the Colonies, I am the man to be badgered.

Stoneman pushed his way among the mob which surrounded the badgered Puritan as he attempted to retreat into the cloakroom.

But, although he badgered Helen, he did not take his departure with the food.

I am badgered out of my reason, out of my health, by the late Mrs. Woolfield.

The saloon was full, and he had been shouted at and badgered and cursed until he scarcely knew what he was doing.

When Mr. Mott badgered his mind to recall Mr. Crosby's name, his intellect balked, utterly, and continuously refused to act.

The incident gave the badgered one a breathing-spell, and for a moment even turned the derision in another direction.