Badgering [verb]

Definition of Badgering:

nag, bother

Synonyms of Badgering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badgering:

Sentence/Example of Badgering:

The people are very unsettled, thanks to this disputed boundary question, and the badgering of the Natal Government.

But that can be no possible reason for badgering the life out of his father's widow twenty years after his father's death!

Go, and sit, and look sheepish, and sing hymns with the people I've been badgering; and everybody seeing me!

Abdul Kerim escaped with a slight reprimand, but I afterwards heard the other men badgering him.

There was more of this pleading and emotional badgering until finally out of sheer exhaustion Angela said yes.

The Managers organized an inquisition for the purpose of torturing and badgering Ross into submission.

It took her six years of badgering her protector, from 1819 to 1825, to bring about the eviction.

They cannot break out in revolt at the badgering of the witness.

The talk dragged along little by little and Flossie began badgering young Haight.

He pretended to eat, and forced himself to talk, joining in with Ellis, who was badgering the Dummy about Flossie.