Badgers [verb]

Definition of Badgers:

nag, bother

Synonyms of Badgers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badgers:

Sentence/Example of Badgers:

Marcus and Farringdon's pure badger, two shillings—gilt-edged badger half-a-crown.

You get some ladies together and badger them into all sorts of thoughtless, unmeant admissions and call that testimony!

Festing braced himself in a vain attempt to hold them, for the trail was half covered with tall grass and broken by badger holes.

I gave Gibson the big ambling horse, ‘Badger,’ and we packed the big cob with a pair of water-bags that contained twenty gallons.

Gibson was now very sorry he had exchanged ‘Badger’ for the cob, as he found the latter very dull and heavy to get along.

If Carson is with Badger when we get there, we'll have ten men.

No small stint I had of it too; for he was peevish and touchy as a young badger.

I don't believe there could be two cooler individuals than Mrs. Badger and I were.

I have enough for every thing; nobody can tease or badger me now.

Then Old-fellow Badger turned round and went lumbering back.