Badges [noun]

Definition of Badges:

emblem worn

Synonyms of Badges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badges:


Sentence/Example of Badges:

A review board must not accept an officer’s version of events simply because the officer wears a badge.

They’re federal agents, but with no name tags or badges, they are, in the moment of Simonis’s arrest, impossible to identify.

Sprinkle in trust badges like “Safe Checkout” or “Money-back Guarantee” across your site.

While many of the professional groups out there had unique items like a badge that identified them for most people, that wasn’t enough.

So, I took my badge and I got on the bus, which drove me across campus.

The badge of the order was a ribbon, striped black, white and yellow, and the device something like an icicle.

The string of pearls was coiled up in the midst of the roll of soiled muslin and the badge was pinned to one of the folds.

He stooped to pick up the turban and his eye fell on the regimental device of the metal badge.

It was then the badge of infamy and sign of shame—the punishment of the basest of slaves and the vilest of malefactors.

On leaving the church, some young people put on tricolor cockades, and this badge was soon common in the streets.