Badinages [noun]

Definition of Badinages:

joking around

Synonyms of Badinages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badinages:


Sentence/Example of Badinages:

Going back, Liszt indulged in a little graceful badinage apropos of the concerto.

He felt the pathos of her black gown; but she had rallied from the first shock of her sorrow, and met him in his key of badinage.

He challenged me, in badinage, as though he had a right to say who should visit Wardour.

I could not be annoyed at this mingling of praise and badinage, especially when she relieved me from all sense of intrusion.

What badinage to toss into the face of a man who had braved death upon a hundred battle-fields and all for "loyalty!"

Frenhofer was engaged there in amiable badinage with a young lady who promptly disappeared at Hunterleys' entrance.

Martine replied lightly to her brother's badinage, and the three reached the house in great spirits.

As she reflected his sunshiny smile and answered his gay badinage, a strange idea suddenly entered Miss Phillida's head.

She had ready wits, and in any form of badinage usually had the last word.

He was not so unpractical as he seemed, our friend Tristram, with all his badinage and transparent sophistries.