Badland [noun]

Definition of Badland:

barren land

Synonyms of Badland:

Opposite/Antonyms of Badland:


Sentence/Example of Badland:

All have had to cross their Badlands, ride roughshod above the timberline or grab for cover to avoid a ricochet.

Along a makeshift road into the badlands trucks brought crushed lime and phosphorus to supplement the ocean sediment.

All the raids along the east coast; everybody's blamed them on the Badlands gangs.

And a variegated mass in the distance marked the Rainbow Buttes, rising isolated and alone from out the badlands.

The least chipmunk is common in the buttes and associated badlands where it most frequently inhabits rocky areas.

The bobcat, although not abundant, is generally distributed throughout Harding County, particularly in the buttes and badlands.

Guided by three Indians from this village we came to another of the same size but hidden among ravines and badlands.

A few ranches in the Badlands area accommodate tourists and have horses available for riding trips.

Along the Missouri and in the forested areas of the Badlands are both white-tailed and mule deer.

Summary of attractions: Badlands views, petrified forests, horseback riding, camping.