Baffles [verb]

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To their surprise, however, one snake “formed its body in a ring around the baffle and then started to wiggle up,” Savidge says.

One of these ways involved tests to see whether a wide pipe, or baffle, around a pole could prevent predators from reaching a starling nest box at the top.

With their help, I’d made progress toward a prototype for my tiny satellites, inventing and testing precision-pointing hardware and software, and perfecting the design of the onboard telescope and its protective baffle.

These baffles “hug” the microphone and block out external noise while focusing on the source and enhancing the quality of final audio, making them an exceptional tool for recording vocals, kick drums, guitar amps and more.

The glass is lined with custom baffles contoured to block daytime glare.

It was Carmena, every nerve of her loyal nature on the alert to baffle this pursuer of Alessandro and Ramona.

We went from office to office, where everything seemed designed to baffle suitors conducting their own cases.

Its limitless deeps reveal themselves to us, and yet baffle our gaze: close themselves against research, but open to conjecture.

Thanks to the darkness and the water, you baffle the hounds, both animal and human.

Both could blight the promise of the harvest, baffle the plans of their enemies, or wither the health of their victims.