Bagatelles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bagatelles:

After all, in the face of death, financial ruin seemed a mere bagatelle.

My object in going to the Crimea was to speculate in munitions of war, which I supposed would be sold for a mere bagatelle.

Lise left her abruptly, darting down a street that led to a back entrance of the Bagatelle, and Janet pursued her way.

It is scarcely too much to say that his ostentatious preference for the bagatelle was a real, and not in the least affected fact.

"Those bagatelle diatribes about Hegelism," etc., are not reprinted in this book, not a single syllable of them!

But all this is but a bagatelle to the fashions in deformity which we find among nearly all American women.

As to what I spent here, it was a mere bagatelle compared with what the other did,—the one before me.

I shaved my chin as smooth as a bagatelle ball, and took care to keep myself pretty clean.

In October of the same year he accomplished a demonstration flight of 200 feet at Bagatelle, near Paris.

American Bagatelle can be played alone or with an antagonist.