Baggages [noun]

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The decision is part of the company’s aim to refocus on its core brand, an effort that has included ditching excess baggage like its Christmas Tree Shops stores and fixing its finances.

Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and other workers got notices Thursday that they may be furloughed, Southwest said.

When firefighters arrived, he said, they found that an Amtrak employee was in a golf cart “used to transport baggage” and was struck by a train.

To be clear, Westbrook brings his own baggage and his own massive contract to Washington.

Air travel requires strict adherence to baggage weight limitations, and backpacks and laptop bags used for going between work and home also have a finite capacity even before the toll of excess weight on your body is taken into account.

Well, if you do either lose baggage or want to buy a trunk already marked, deuced if I ain't the man to call on.

Although the army was greatly demoralised during the retreat through Portugal, he never lost a single gun or baggage wagon.

Soult's corps arrived without cannon or baggage, a mere armed rabble, and Ney's men jeered at the disorganised battalions.

After her baggage is on the carriage, drive immediately to the house, and be certain all is ready there for her comfort.

Robert occupied the abbeys of Biland and Rievaulx and divided the spoils of the English camp and the king's baggage.