Bagger [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bagger:

If the ring is thrown over one of the "base-hit" or "two-bagger" pegs, it shows the number of bases secured.

A self-important postmaster, especially of a little town, like the political carpet-bagger, has no respect for ancient landmarks.

The carpet bagger when not fighting the pestiferous vermin in the Chickahominy swamps was pilfering.

The old man saw the offensive carpet-bagger approaching the mansion and met him sternly with the interrogatory.

"Give me the paper and pencil, Mr. Wiggins, I will make the calculation for myself," said the carpet-bagger.

Under the pure light of reason, the ignorant carpet bagger judge is a person and not a personality.

After dealing out three more balls, he tossed Dave Dawson an easy one and Dave swatted it for a two bagger.

Hollis made a bid for a three-bagger, but Ken, by another hard sprint, knocked the ball down.

Unlike the carpet-bagger, he is native, which is so much the worse.

As long as a carpet-bagger was in power, the principles of the Klan were asserted.