Baggier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Baggier:

Ghurri-Wurri wore tattered white baggy trousers, vest and cloak, a turban and black goggles.

The feet and hands were abnormally large, and the clothing of the thing was old, baggy, and covered with filth.

Beside this terrible Turk stood five ladies, in baggy trousers, and long veils.

Wear baggy breeches, and an enormous turban, and slippers turned up at the toes!

Six sailors, wearing their round blue caps and short jackets and baggy pants, with navy carbines, formed the guard.

I suppose they'll resolve into baggy knickers and the sort of long shirt with a belt to it the youngsters of your age all wear.

He was a tall, wire bound man, which made the green tunic he wore look baggy.

From a slit pocket in her baggy skirt the Duchess drew out a pistol and handed it to Larry.

He wore a huge black felt hat, and the baggy corduroy trousers of a deep brown, which are almost universal in this country.

He wore a tall and superannuated hat with a staring nap, and the pockets of his baggy coat bulged with documents.