Bagginess [noun]

Definition of Bagginess:

swollen object

Synonyms of Bagginess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bagginess:

Sentence/Example of Bagginess:

He had indued his master's trousers, and, save for an unfashionable bagginess at the hips, they fitted him surprisingly well.

His wet face was almost gray, and Jimmy could see the suggestive bagginess under his eyes.

He was not arrayed in a Sunday suit fallen to the greasy bagginess of everyday wear, topped by a soiled collar.

The dress of the countryman at this time was conspicuous for its bagginess.

His trousers are always carefully pressed; consequently they never show a bagginess at the knees.

If it is full, your tailor should be responsible for its bagginess.

Weston vacantly noticed the puffiness of his cheeks, and the bagginess beneath his eyes.