Bagging [noun]

Definition of Bagging:

container for one's possesions

Synonyms of Bagging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bagging:


Sentence/Example of Bagging:

With 20,000 people coming in and out of her Instagram Live, it’s clear the cat is now definitely out the bag.

Staffers drop off their bags and coats at designated areas on each floor to avoid too many items on desks.

Once you have your “why” in the bag, you need to figure out who your target audience is.

Once out of the bag, these innovations were difficult to “uninvent,” promoting diversity.

The fact that something is safe for one type of use — such as a fabric softener sheet or a vacuum cleaner bag — doesn’t always mean it’s safe to breathe through.

Most ambulance crews use hand-operated bags when patients can’t breathe.

Roda asked Aunty Kiki if there was a job for her too, and when she quickly agreed, Roda packed her bags and she and her cousin were both very excited to travel to the city of Enugu.

Fujin, on the other hand, is the fearsome monstrous kami of the winds, who carries his fair share of gales and gusts in a bag on his shoulders.

Some materials, such as vacuum-cleaner bags, filter well, but make breathing difficult, a 2013 study showed.

So that suggests that even packages left on doorsteps, plastic delivery bags and grocery goods in stores could host live virus for many hours — and potentially days.