Bagmen [noun]

Definition of Bagmen:

traveling salesperson

Synonyms of Bagmen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bagmen:


Sentence/Example of Bagmen:

Is there anything in it beyond what the bagman's talk and Uncle Henry's disappearance could have suggested?

Spindler has a humorous novel, whose hero, a travelling clerk or bagman, meets with a variety of amusing adventures.

So far as these were concerned, therefore, he might be either a peer of the realm or an English bagman.

The bagman seemed a decentish sort of chap in his way, but, my word!

Its a beggars trade after a, and far better left to bagman bodies like yon Stocks.

He regarded Bright and Cobden as displeasing mixtures of the bagman and the preacher.

He warmed to the bagman, insisted on giving him a liqueur and a cigar, and finally revealed himself.

But of all mortals in the way of passengers, the bagman or go-between is my greatest animosity.

In short, he is a sort of nautical bagman, with all the faults and all the business-like virtues of his kind.

An individual known as a bagman began to chaff him, while the other passengers listened and smiled.