Bagnios [noun]

Definition of Bagnios:


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Sentence/Example of Bagnios:

The ex-Bagnio slave smiled, but whether at the reply or at the rushing Frenchman we cannot tell.

The price of a bath, paid to the keeper of the public bagnio.

I set up an excellent bagnio; I lured rich youths to the altars and alcoves of play and pleasure.

"I know but one bagnio," replied the republican Minister, Victor Lefranc, to a mother begging for her son.

The bagnio men (bath attendants), who routinely bled the bathers in public baths, preferred the spring lancet.

My heart seemed to die within me when I entered this dismal bagnio, and found my brain assaulted by such insufferable effluvia.

When they had become red hot, they were placed in a firebed inside the "Bagnio."

Before I left the city I went into a bagnio, where I caused my beard and eyebrows to be shaved, and put on a calender's robe.

The feelings of the poor woman, who was going to the Bagnio to see Benedetto as she had promised, can be imagined.

Since then it has been my endeavor to have the sins which led me to the Bagnio atoned for by an honest life.