Bags [noun]

Definition of Bags:

container for one's possesions

Synonyms of Bags:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bags:


Sentence/Example of Bags:

Squinty cuddled down in the basket of the balloon, between two bags full of something, and shivered.

Old Olly's head's leveler than this mountain-side, even if his mouth is mealier 'n his own flour bags.

Her money-bags had been filled in Manchester, and from time to time in her history you are reminded of this circumstance.

They gathered handfuls and helped their mothers fill baskets and skin bags.

Strong canvas bags, of smaller size, are very convenient for subdivision and arrangement.

When the bags are filled they are placed in a separate drying house, and are turned every day.

Bags of strong cloth, thin and open at the sides, are provided, into which the cakes are pressed strongly down on each other.

Three hours after their start the party halted for luncheon which they ate cold from their saddle bags, pushing on immediately.

Hanging down from the branch, it looked like the pretty soft grey bags which ladies carry, only it was very small.

No shape (bags, not widow) but help keep flies and mosquitoes from chewing on us all day and all night.