Baguettes [noun]

Definition of Baguettes:

precious stone

Synonyms of Baguettes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baguettes:


Sentence/Example of Baguettes:

Standing where there was no water, the baguette remained motionless.

The baguette of Delille is no shepherd's crook; it has more the fashion of a drumstick,—baguette de tambour.

Hence, a magician never appears at the opera without his rod, and on which account they call their parts, "rles de baguette."

Vit qu'on frappoit dans l'eau d'vne baguette, & aussi tost vit comme il luy sembloit que c'estoit de la gresle.

After seeing him do this repeatedly, the whole party tried the baguette in succession, but without effect.

I found the baguette turn very strong, so that it soon twisted and broke.

I think I must put just a baguette d'or on the drawings, and when you see them on my walls I don't think you will disapprove.