Bailed [verb]

Definition of Bailed:

dig up; shovel

Synonyms of Bailed:

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Sentence/Example of Bailed:

One study of criminal bail hearings found that defendants who appeared by video had bonds set up to 90% higher than similar defendants appearing in-person.

Journalist in and out of detention for reporting on corruption, twice posting bail.

The question at hand is whether risk-assessment algorithms are a more just method over cash bail for deciding which defendants should be kept in jail before trial.

SARS officers typically target and detain young men by accusing them of being online fraudsters, simply on the evidence of owning a laptop or smartphone, and then request arbitrary and exorbitant bail fees before they regain their freedom.

Tsui’s reporting shows how one small company, Loans for Less, dominates the court, with a compliant judge issuing warrants and bail forfeitures on demand.

Meanwhile, his family kept trying to explain to Lane the conditions of his bail.

He should give the bailee notice of all the faults in the thing bailed that would expose him to danger or loss in keeping it.

When they had lightened her sufficiently, two of them sprang over into the cockpit and bailed to better advantage there.

Two of them bailed up a waggoner of mine, coming out with a load from the port.

Two or three jackets were stuffed into the aperture, and while some bailed, the others rowed back to the ship.