Bailiffs [noun]

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The declaration of war, or cessation thereof, used to be proclaimed in the market by the High Bailiff.

Mme. Baudoyer, born Mitral, was the sister of the bailiff of that name.

The bailiff, justiciary of the seigniory, had just arrived at the village, accompanied with five or six armed men.

The bailiff having finished his reading, beckoned to a serf named Peter the Lame.

Accidentally the bailiff caught sight of the blind serf, mutilated of his four limbs.

He fell upon his knees before the bailiff, stretching out to him his two bound hands in supplication.

The bailiff bore no further mark of the wound he had received from Pierrine the Goat than a plaster on his forehead.

Bailiff, you will this evening send a force to take possession of the house and all its contents.

"No fief can remain in the possession of a woman," was the sententious utterance of the bailiff.

Neroweg, silent as before, looked from time to time towards the donjon as if awaiting the return of the bailiff.