Bailing [verb]

Definition of Bailing:

dig up; shovel

Synonyms of Bailing:

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Sentence/Example of Bailing:

I get a hold of the rod, and take Gigi in my arms and show her how to open the bail, grab the line, and cast.

Or, they tacked on a charge or citation for violating the emergency order even if it had little to do with the crime they were investigating, a decision that often increased bail and made it harder for people to get out of custody.

He was arrested and denied bail earlier this month on allegations of fraud.

Cash bail, which requires defendants to pay a sum of money set by a judge in order to be released, has been shown to discriminate against low-income individuals.

The police kept arresting him until the bail was set so high that his ex-wife and daughter could no longer afford to have him released.

Now, if you want any more help from me, you just break up this smoking party and take that pail and go to bailing.

He had by this time finished his bailing, and the cockpit floor was fairly free of water.

With each yacht alongside the Surprise, they began bailing that yacht out with pails tied to ropes, which they slung aboard.

"Now head her for the schooner, boys," said Duff, bailing with one hand as he steered with the other.

He began bailing frantically with his hat, and soon had the boat dry again.