Bailiwicks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bailiwicks:

In 1429 the English occupied the bailiwick of Chaumont and garrisoned several fortresses in Bassigny.

Its tolerble late, if you happen to know it, and youre a little out of your own bailiwick, arent you?

Now these two bailiffs kept their bailiwick in peace many years, until they were said to be remiss in keeping the King's justice.

This guy, Lester, makes out a bond before we're within two days' drive of his bailiwick.

All relations between the two women had been severed irrevocably, each keeping to her own respective bailiwick.

Announce it; the next day you'll have so many foreign spies in your bailiwick that you'll have to hire a stadium to hold them.

Miss Thomas, a relative newcomer to our bailiwick, seemed baffled by the warmth of our greeting.

And if in one place in his bailiwick I haven't fried that codfish Granger to a crisp, it's not because I haven't been industrious.

They are teaching their people rebellion against kings, and they may pay the penalty by being driven out of their own bailiwick.

As he explained it to me, the detectives were an armed force invading his bailiwick, and he had a right to arrest and disarm them.