Bairns [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bairns:

Woman—Thou beest a sound sleeper—Wake up, and see to thy bairn, and I will gie thee both a good breakfast.

If onything is wrang wi' your bairn when it is born I'll never forgi'e' mysel' for lettin' you look at this business at a'.

I speired at 'im what he meant by terrifyin' a bairn, but he didna say naething.

He raised his heid when he heard me tellin' the bairn no to tear my wrapper.

"Jamie was richt like Joey when he was a bairn," Hendry said.

A bairn's no the same to him, but a fell bit o' me was buried in my laddie's grave.

At others students stared out at the bairn, not in the least comprehending this wild crying.

Weariful and wae, how thankfully would I have rested beside him for ever; but then there was the bairn to claim my care.

He had been regarding with interest a shackled-kneed varlet holding a halberd in his arms as if it had been a fractious bairn.

That my father had a lass-bairn o' 's ain shawed mair nor onything the trust your father pat in 'im!