Baiting [noun]

Definition of Baiting:

something for luring

Synonyms of Baiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baiting:

Sentence/Example of Baiting:

Realizing he could do the same on a large scale, he found a farmer who was breeding insects for fish bait, and recruited him to help launch Ÿnsect.

There are the seafood buffets and bait shops, which give way to newfangled Starbucks.

Jumping worms are often sold as compost worms or fishing bait.

For a sub-30 percent shooter from three, he’s taken the bait too often.

Such baits would be especially helpful if they attract other types of locusts, too, like the desert species.

The moment the bait was touched, down would come the heavy timber—smash—on the tiger's head.

But what if I catch the fish by using a hired boat and a hired net, or by buying worms as bait from some one who has dug them?

He rushed with ravenous eagerness at every bait which was offered to his cupidity.

I threw out a bait to see if you would snap at it, but I find you timid, and therefore advise you to drop the matter entirely.'

So it ran along and nibbled the bait until its sharp teeth cut the cord.