Bake [verb]

Definition of Bake:

cook in oven

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Sentence/Example of Bake:

That’s because to produce it, multiple types of polyester have to make trips through hot ovens so the fibers bond together—and each bake relies on fossil fuels like coal or gas.

My bakes are inspired by whatever we have a lot of in the friary where I live.

You shall no longer be a woman and live in a warm wigwam, with plenty of cakes to bake.

Roll it out thin, cut it into small round biscuits, and bake in a hot oven.

Then set to bake for three hours, and stick four pigeons' claws into the crust.

The fish they cooked in much the same way, wrapping them in big green leaves and setting them upon the hot stones to bake.

The men of the Commune shall be free to grind their corn, and bake their bread wherever they please.

He generally hoists a little flag when a vessel passes near, and is often gratified by a supply of hard-bake.

My wife and daughters set up all night to bake it for you, and you are welcome to all I've got, and wish I had ten times as much.

These few logs of wood were all she had to bake bread with; would I ask the General to see that the soldiers did not take them?