Bakeries [noun]

Definition of Bakeries:

cooking business where baked goods are produced

Synonyms of Bakeries:

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Sentence/Example of Bakeries:

There were still acorn factories in the backyard and Play-Doh bakeries on the kitchen table, but the workers at the factory began wearing masks and the bakery became “curbside pickup only.”

Kempczinski says the company is making small twists to certain items like its spicy line of McNuggets, which it launched in September, or offering products that don’t add a lot of complexity, such as new bakery items like apple fritters.

This time around, as a food business, the bakery can and will stay open.

In seeking an explanation, we learned that the inmate-staffed central bakery was shut down for safety reasons, prompting the state to purchase bread as an alternative.

Back in the spring, as the economy in Texas began to shut down, Three Brothers was allowed to stay open, since a bakery is considered an essential service.

A stressed-out katsura often invokes a bakery, giving some seriously delicious hints that your garden might need a tad bit more water.

The bakery, which supplies the brownies for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, was founded by a Zen Buddhist and former aeronautical engineer Bernie Glassman in 1982.

Many dyers' furnaces, a little silver refinery, and perhaps a bakery have also been noticed.

In Fig. 111 are shown the ruins of a Pompeian bakery with several mills in connection with it.

But I shall do my duty, although I am less at home with the lance or the sword than with the poker of the furnace in my bakery.