Bakers [noun]

Definition of Bakers:

person who cooks baked goods

Synonyms of Bakers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bakers:


Sentence/Example of Bakers:

That Hicks—the damned —— —— —— he come t' Baker's as they hooked up t' leave the Spring.

Toward eight o'clock a pretty, capable-looking girl of twelve came out of the house and bought a loaf of bread at the baker's.

On the night when the children had crept so quietly away from the baker's wife, Jess had forgotten to take Benny's bear.

But I felt no anxiety: I knew the "silent baker" would prove deaf and dumb.

Going ten paces up the street he saw the baker's shop where he supplied himself.

Doctor Baker was away, and in despair they had routed Mr. Dean out of bed—the pale young man who was studying to be a veterinary.

She left him with even less than her usual circumstance, and turned in at the gate of the Baker Institution.

Major Baker also goes on leave for about 10 days or so to-night, with various other officers who have well earned a rest.

We came peacefully out of the trenches yesterday, though Major Baker, who marches before me, had plenty of bullets round him.

The good baker was smiling at the heroic enthusiasm of his pretty wife when the peal of a large bell was heard from a distance.