Baksheeshes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Baksheeshes:

The next best thing to do is to forget the wish, pay two-pence in baksheesh and ride away to get the most of a glorious view.

I think, by-the-way, some of these beggars only cry baksheesh from habit, and never expect to get anything.

It put an end to baksheesh—graft as you call it—in Thebes, and it would be valuable to-day in Cairo, I should think.

Five francs is a large baksheesh in Cairo, but I did not begrudge it, as matters stood.

Mounted men were racing off full speed to Kabul and the other big towns; those who got in first received the baksheesh.

Donkey-boys and arabeah-men aren't easily seduced when there's a question of baksheesh.

When cadging for a promise of substantial baksheesh, the nasal twang of his voice assumed caressing inflexions.

Those incapables had no doubt been after David for baksheesh, and he felt just that way.

Still, I am sorry now I didn't contribute the baksheesh he expected.

Soon they were in a fit state of mind to talk baksheesh, that touchstone of the Turkish character.