Balancers [noun]

Definition of Balancers:

performer who does tricks, physical feats

Synonyms of Balancers:

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Sentence/Example of Balancers:

When the elevated cell of the balancer was filled, its weight caused it to fall.

In the electro-magnet circuit was a small water-balancer B having two cells and a see-saw motion.

After several falls and painful injuries, it was rejected for the feat and tried out as a plate-balancer.

In Stringfellow's and Tatin's models the main aerofoil and balancer (tail) are practically contiguous.

I had been a good balancer in my contortion days, and this was also an asset.

It just caught the outspread furry tail, which was serving as a rudder and balancer to that adventurous flight.

The arrangement forms a cheap and effective substitute for a balancer set, but lacks the adjustable properties of the latter.

Depend upon it, sir, the balancer that remains shall be faithfully paid.

In the long run Honour, confound it, got a bit of a balancer which helped it to win.

What I hope to accomplish, explained Mr. Morse, is to construct a combined steerer and balancer on one lever.