Balances [noun]

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A constant sense of easy balance should be developed through poising exercises.

And as she hesitated between obedience to one and duty toward the other, her life, her love and future was in the balance.

He was to pay one third of the amount before the book went to press, the balance he was to pay within a reasonable time.

Government grants amount to about two-thirds of the income, the balance being raised by public subscription and from fees.

For hours the issue hung in the balance, and at last even the stubborn Lefbvre began to think of retreat.

She did not realize that a passion for a business enterprise, as for a woman, is capable of destroying the balance of any man.

He tole her he had a nice forty acres fer sale–hunderd down, the balance later on.

A connecting rod worked a balance-beam, which worked the air-pump, feed-pump, and plug-rod for moving the valves.

A large balance-beam was attached to the pump-rods, near the bottom cross-head.

A-course, Mrs. Bridger got a nice little pile of money fer it, and paid Curry the balance she owed him.