Baldnesses [noun]

Definition of Baldnesses:

grimness, barrenness

Synonyms of Baldnesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baldnesses:

Sentence/Example of Baldnesses:

Baldness is come upon Gaza: Ascalon hath held her peace with the remnant of their valley: how long shalt thou cut thyself?

Paul was short in stature, somewhat stooping and at the middle age his hair was thin, inclining to baldness.

His grayish brown hair was combed carefully from one side across the top in an unsuccessful attempt to conceal his baldness.

Neeld was surprised at the baldness of the question, but Harry took it as natural.

You put your hat on, because your reason has not yet been applied to the problem of the cause of baldness.

I have already discussed hats, which are the principal cause of baldness.

He also let his iron-grey beard grow as it would, and what little hair he had left from the baldness which had followed the fever.

Premature baldness most frequently first attacks that part of the head where pressure is made by the hat.

A slight baldness by the temples gave the brow unusual height.

Their hair appears to turn gray as early as ours, tho I saw no baldness except on one individual.