Baled [verb]

Definition of Baled:

accumulate, package

Synonyms of Baled:










Opposite/Antonyms of Baled:

Sentence/Example of Baled:

After curing, it is baled and sent to Europe, where it is manufactured into smoking tobacco.

After curing, it is removed to the packing house and baled in packages, and then transported on mules to the coast for shipping.

The planters cure by air-drying in sheds, and afterwards it is tied up in hands and baled for export.

To him it was a baling tin; here there were no boats to be baled out—where was the use of it?

The first mate meantime baled out the other quarter boat, and in like manner provisioned and stored her.

I was very much interested in seeing how much better the lint is baled than in America.

Later when it was baled and hauled in, other filaments were caught on the rafters and shingles of hemp-houses and barns.

We baled between life and death; for had she gone down before day-light, every soul must have perished.

However, we soon baled her out, and with la as Charon commenced the passage.

He pointed to a veritable mountain of baled hay—a regular Himalaya of hay—which covered a corner of the field whereon we stood.