Baleens [noun]

Definition of Baleens:

cetacean mammal

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Sentence/Example of Baleens:

The ulna and radius in the rorquals are also comparatively longer than in the baleen whales.

In this respect it differs much from the baleen whales, which have a narrow gullet.

The baleen is then cut out, and the carcase abandoned to the sharks, killer whales, and sea birds.

Many of them grow to enormous size, far exceeding any of the baleen whales.

So, also, the baleen of the whale and the teeth of the land mammalia are different organs.

Two of these, the bowhead or Greenland whale, and its more widely distributed close relative the right whale, are baleen whales.

The letter in parentheses indicates whether the species is a baleen (B) or a toothed (T) whale.

The baleen plates are uniformly grayish black with fine grayish-white fringes.

Furthermore, the right lower lip and the right front baleen of the fin whale are white.

The baleen and the right lower lip of Bryde's whales are dark gray.