Baling [verb]

Definition of Baling:

accumulate, package

Synonyms of Baling:










Opposite/Antonyms of Baling:

Sentence/Example of Baling:

If so, the bale of causes would include the playoff era and the social media and the group texts and the shrinking world.

The relatively minimal draw weights for these bows means that a hay bale with a few dots spray-painted on it will work just fine.

The leaves are gathered when ripe, and are dried and well-assorted before baling.

In Turkey, the tobacco after remaining in the dwelling-room of the house a sufficient time, is ready for baling.

Another use of mats is in the baling of two of the staple products of the Philippines, tobacco and abaca.

The Bontoc Peninsula of Tayabas produces great quantities of baling mats and bayons.

To him it was a baling tin; here there were no boats to be baled out—where was the use of it?

The other boats hastened to the rescue, righted the canoe, and by baling her out kept her from sinking.

The sea ran higher than in the forenoon, and the fatigue of baling to keep the boat from filling was exceedingly great.

The scheme of the topsail was now laid aside, and every soul fell to baling and pumping.