Balked [verb]

Definition of Balked:

stop short

Synonyms of Balked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balked:

Make easier







Sentence/Example of Balked:

He seemed to intimate that he understood all that was passing in her mind, and was not balked by sprightly appearances.

This was effected, and Louis Philippe was balked of his desire to interfere in Portugal to promote a reactionary policy.

She had come suddenly upon the stone wall which had balked all her efforts.

And so Marishka, once more balked in her enterprise, went back to the Harim.

Cursing furiously, Wade drove him at it again, and again the gelding balked.

Was it not my solicitude for your health which balked my own plans?

They had been pursued—what had balked him in the continuance of their flight into Germany?

Well, the black tax-gatherer is balked by a day, and the wanderer is back at Ercildoune again.

It is a diagnostic symptom, a symptom of what Graham Wallas calls "balked disposition."

Soon after I turned my steps toward home, for I was balked for the present, whatever else might be the case.