Balkiest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Balkiest:

Then suddenly around the corners of his under lip a little balky smile began to flicker.

If the design of his craft was faulty and it proved “balky” when he attempted flight, he had only himself to blame.

For nearly a score of years they pulled like a pair of balky horses--what time they were not doing the monkey and parrot act.

A balky team or a break in the harness requires prompt relief or all will be lost.

Horses balky and unused to work, had to unhitch one and returned with but little drill.

Taunts are allowable in the case of an obstinate husband: balky horses may best be made to go by having their ears bitten.

We passed our wagons in a terrible plight: some upset, some with balky mules, some stuck in the mud, and some broken down.

Wimmen go through lots of things calm and patient that would make a man flinch and shy off like a balky horse, and visey versey.

Throwing himself back on his haunches, the cub began backing and pulling like a balky horse.

But woe unto the poor brute who was followed by a balky fellow or a shirk!