Balking [verb]

Definition of Balking:

stop short

Synonyms of Balking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balking:

Make easier







Sentence/Example of Balking:

And indeed, when part way thru, this zeal came near balking me altogether.

But he was used to obeying orders after a little balking, and in time his slow brain started him on the hunt for Davidge.

There is a lady andwell,he was forever balking me and I hated him.

The canoe squirmed like a hunter balking a hedge, and Jean's blade splintered off to the handle.

And no one has escaped the temporary balking of his thought by failure to find a suitable word to convey190 the intended meaning.

Out in the woods the mist hung in the tree-tops as if vapor were the world's slow-moving time, balking among the dripping leaves.

I made known to the steward the assistant physician's behavior in balking my desire to telephone my conservator.

And again came that odd look in her face as though she were studying, kind of balking, don't you know.

I thought I could tire him out by always balking him—till that night I didn't meet him, and he killed those four men.

There was a satisfaction in finding the key to a balking problem and see it cease to be a problem.