Balladists [noun]

Definition of Balladists:

person who writes expressive, rhythmic verse

Synonyms of Balladists:

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Sentence/Example of Balladists:

This fact we may accept; but the question comes up: Is Homer such a balladist and nothing more?

Or a balladist, man or woman, took the centre, and sang towards our compassionate windows.

Sweet William has always been the favourite choice of the balladist, among the Christian names of the knightly wooers.

Indeed your balladist, like Allan Breck Stewart, was never a bigoted partisan of the law.

But the balladist carries everything before him by the verve and good humour and pawky wit of his song.

One inclines to agree with Mr. Stedman: "Of all our poets he (Whittier) is the most natural balladist."

The balladist and his men and women speak straight to the point, and call a spade a spade.

So that here at least we have a vague echo of the name of a balladist and of a ballad-air composer.

We see that the English balladist is an unwarlike literary hack.

The picture drawn by the balladist is graphic in the extreme.