Ballasted [verb]

Definition of Ballasted:

burden, saddle

Synonyms of Ballasted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballasted:

Sentence/Example of Ballasted:

She ballasted the boat, and for Bompard she was something to lean against.

She had been literally ballasted with silver, and carried also several precious boxes of gold and jewels.

His corpulency would always be hinting to you that he was too trimly built, too well ballasted, to be in danger.

By being properly ballasted, a boat can pass either through or over a sea without being driven astern.

As the boat must be well ballasted, she must have limited breadth of beam, as also limited side buoyancy.

It is important that a lifeboat should be well ballasted, especially the larger sailing-boats.

Then sometime later the road-bed is ballasted and the line made ready for heavy operation.

On this occasion she carried, besides, a little parachute, ballasted by a firework terminating in a ball with silver rain.

He built a second albatross, and on the advice of his friends ballasted it for flight instead of travelling in it himself.

The torpedo can be ballasted and provided with fins to offer the necessary resistance to the action of the propelling machinery.