Ballasting [verb]

Definition of Ballasting:

burden, saddle

Synonyms of Ballasting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballasting:

Sentence/Example of Ballasting:

He has tacked that attachment notice onto a poor innocent old car filled with ballasting cinders.

Very imperfect grading and ballasting was done in the hasty building of this road.

We found them at the landing, ballasting the boat with stones and getting on their oil-skins.

Fine concrete gutters along the curves, such ballasting as one sees on the North-Western Railway.

The writer seems to look upon ballasting and calking as identical operations.

Late in June the last rails were laid and the ballasting, such as it was, was well under way.

A large number of men were shoveling the gravel onto flat cars, to be hauled on the line of the railroad for ballasting the track.

In the permanent way and ballasting, the reduction will be about one-half.

Meanwhile, others had been ballasting the boat with boulders from the beach.

In the second place, there was the return from Herm, a journey which was rendered more difficult by a heavy ballasting of stones.