Ballasts [noun]

Definition of Ballasts:

something giving balance

Synonyms of Ballasts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballasts:

Sentence/Example of Ballasts:

Sand and gravel are also used for "fill," for engine sands, railroad ballast and glass.

Old and new measurements, tonnage, time allowances and movable ballast, are all a sealed book to me.

The big sloop, hard aground and full of iron ballast, was not a thing to be moved easily.

Our new craft worked and sailed well, after a little addition of ballast.

I ordered the ballast to be thrown overboard, and determined, as our only chance, to attempt to force her over the reef.

As the last of the ballast went overboard she forged ahead, and then brought up.

But our first care was to ballast the sloop, for without it she was so crank as to be unseaworthy.

At daylight we started again to the westward, looking for a dry spot where we might land, get ballast, and possibly some supplies.

Loaded with ballast as it was, however, and with the weight of water still within it, it could not rise above the surface.

All that the repairing party had to do there was to replace the lengths of line, couple them, and shovel in the ballast.