Ballerinas [noun]

Definition of Ballerinas:

lead woman ballet dancer

Synonyms of Ballerinas:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballerinas:


Sentence/Example of Ballerinas:

There was something of the ballerina in her temperament, also, which she never entirely outgrew.

Yes; my daughter, she was here, and she is a ballerina and she was visiting Dallas a few times and she knew some people here.

You know, my daughter is ballerina and so even I have pictures somewhere with her.

Primo ballerino good; prima ballerina good, and people say pretty, but I have not seen her near.

He, Mr. Churchill, and Mr. Lloyd George might almost have been called rivals for the rle of prima ballerina assoluta.

This ingenious ballerina enjoyed the friendship and regard of many of the most distinguished writers of her time.

In the former, instead of a prima donna we have a prima ballerina in the principal female part.

She was tired of hearing that one day she might, with diligence and application, become a Prima Ballerina.

The Ballerina's final pose was being sustained amid loud applause.

Her rle is taken by a pantomimist, usually the prima ballerina.