Ballets [noun]

Definition of Ballets:

graceful, expressive dancing

Synonyms of Ballets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballets:


Sentence/Example of Ballets:

If you know you’re never going to record a ballet class, for example, delete that option if you can.

If I had gotten into the Royal Ballet School, I would have gone to ballet school and become a ballet dancer.

So I’ve decided to spend an hour a week of my time in a local ballet studio, in a mask, plie-ing and pirouetting, or at least trying.

In one day’s strip, Calvin and Hobbes might engage in, say, a ballet of physical comedy — the stretch and squash effects rendering the strip as near to animation as a static art form can.

So many things have already been taken from them — school, their friends, ballet recitals, taekwondo — that, honestly, I just want to wake up on Christmas morning and see their eyes light up.

Montgomery County officials were still counting their final mail-in and provisional ballets as of Friday, officials said.

Two unsophisticated country lasses visited Niblo's in New York during the ballet season.

I have foolishly undertaken to write music for a ballet Cinderella, at a very small fee.

In their youth both had been enthusiastic admirers of the ballet, and had often tried to imitate the art of the dancers.

She remained alone until the curtain fell upon the first act of the ballet.