Ballistae [noun]

Definition of Ballistae:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballistae:


Sentence/Example of Ballistae:

Trebuchet, treb′ū-shet, n. a military engine like the ballista.

Like a modern field gun, the ballista shot low and directly toward the enemy.

No ballista, however, is made without regard to the given amount of weight of the stone which the engine is intended to throw.

The ballista (Fig. 229) was in reality a large cross-bow, built to shoot long, heavy bolts or arrows.

Various names were applied to these weapons, the chief of which were the ballista and the catapult.

The classical ballista was, in fact, a huge cross-bow, made in a complicated way and worked by machinery.

The ballista was considerably larger and more expensive than this.