Ballooned [verb]

Definition of Ballooned:

billow out; bloat

Synonyms of Ballooned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballooned:

Sentence/Example of Ballooned:

Then, quite suddenly, a pale violet disc in front of them ballooned out of nowhere and slid off to one side.

Miss Cherrie smiled graciously, made them a bow that ballooned her silk skirt over the whole sidewalk, and sailed on.

The awning suddenly ballooned and went up into the air, taking some of the awning posts with it.

His sleeves and shoulders were ballooned after the German fashion, his sword clanked on the tiles.

Oswell's stainless steel teeth clacked, and the breezes trailing the thunderclouds ballooned his orange silk kimono.

He sat upright in his armchair with a clarionet pressed to his lips and his cheeks ballooned, playing "Trouble in the Land."

A vast dust cloud ballooned above the herd; and five riderless Circle L horses trotted aimlessly about, snorting with fright.

They ballooned out, swelling to the wind, and the galeasse surged forward at a speed that was more than doubled.

It ballooned slowly out like a gigantic genie rising from a fisherman's bottle.

Tapes trailed and rippled and fluttered in the merry morning breeze, and the gray silk ballooned and rose and fell.