Balloons [noun]

Definition of Balloons:

inflated material or vehicle

Synonyms of Balloons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balloons:


Sentence/Example of Balloons:

Yet the costs of law enforcement are ballooning and, according to City Council members, unsustainable.

Zhong isn’t the only one whose fortune has ballooned from Nongfu’s trading debut.

Perhaps this is why search interest in SEO itself, which was largely stagnant from mid-2017 to early this year, has ballooned.

In a brief moment of rapid expansion, that burst of energy inflated the cosmos like a balloon.

Future satellites or weather balloons could provide data on whether this has happened, says Pengfei Yu.

The idea was to send out balloons into space to connect people in difficult to reach areas of the world.

The software constantly learns to improve the balloons’ choreography and thus the network’s quality, and the system can function autonomously.

For, at that moment Squinty stood up on his hind legs, as the boy had taught him, and walked over toward the big balloon basket.

Squinty cuddled down in the basket of the balloon, between two bags full of something, and shivered.

There were a great many of them in the balloon, and Squinty thought they must have something good in them.