Balloted [verb]

Definition of Balloted:

take census; question

Synonyms of Balloted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balloted:

Sentence/Example of Balloted:

Some time after, the Emperor wanted more men, and by some mistake the first man was balloted a second time.

Mr. Gladstone was as much chosen by the House of Commons as if the members had sat in their seats and balloted for him.

Another suggestion, that members should be balloted for anew every five years, would simply cause clubs to be depopulated.

For ten days the Charleston convention wrangled over the platform and balloted for the nomination of a candidate.

So that only fourteen balloted; that is to say, five councillors, and nine of the Council of Ten.

And a committee of five was balloted for and chosen accordingly, for the purpose of waiting on the President.

If neither of the two had above half, that which had fewest shall be cast out, and the remaining opinion shall be balloted again.

The first day on which a committee could be balloted for was June 26, 1781.

We have balloted for the 34th time this morning, and the result is still the same.

They balloted for who should distribute them, and Lucy was chosen.