Ballots [noun]

Definition of Ballots:

voting; recording of vote

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Sentence/Example of Ballots:

We have charts showing how long it took for presidential primary ballots to be counted in each state.

This year, the Green Party has qualified for the ballot in more than two dozen states, including such battlegrounds as Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Maine, Minnesota and Texas.

Additional staff, and in some cases machines, are necessary to open, sort and tabulate postal ballots and verify signatures.

Those in Texas who applied for an absentee ballot and received one in the mail but still want to vote at the polls on Election Day must surrender their mailed ballot, as Trainor described.

Election officials will be working for days, even weeks, to make sure that every eligible ballot is counted.

Biden received a boost in the state Monday when the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the Green Party presidential ticket is ineligible to appear on the state ballot.

Puerto Rico will have statehood a referendum on its ballot in November.

As Reuters recently noted, billions of ballots were cast during that time.

A crucial step towards a safer voting by mail process is for more jurisdictions to use intelligent barcodes on their mail-in ballots.

But it jes serves the Govment right fur not parsin' the Second Ballot.