Ballrooms [noun]

Definition of Ballrooms:

place for musical presentations

Synonyms of Ballrooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ballrooms:


Sentence/Example of Ballrooms:

They stepped aside into an alcove set with card-tables, and Susannah gazed away from her companion and down the crowded ballroom.

Selina looked desperately down the ballroom, and her glance fell on Marius.

He moved still further away, so as not to appear to court their notice, and walked languidly down the ballroom.

The studio, which he built for himself, was as large as a ballroom, and furnished with a quite modern luxury.

Give me your arm, my dear doctor, and we will walk together through the ballroom.

Before either spoke, however, Elsa entered from the ballroom.

"I thought you were in the ballroom," Olga said sweetly to the girl.

Decorators were putting the finishing touches on the magnificent ballroom.

Karl had been searching for her and stopped, barring her way into the ballroom.

The music floated in softly from the ballroom, mingled with the hum of voices and laughter.