Ballyhoos [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ballyhoos:

I was using a ballyhoo bait hooked by a small hook through the lips, with a second and larger hook buried in the body.

Baby is right,” said Ballyhoo, with a nod of his head; “rain will fall within twelve hours.

If she would do the ballyhoo for a Kid Show, she would pack 'em in to bust down the sidewalls.

That's the dope, ain't it—the old dope of the reform gang—the ballyhoo of the bunch that can't let the existing order stand?

Why not hire a band, too; and get a ballyhoo to bark for your show?

It struck the youth as strange that Ballyhoo should stop after starting for the dwelling.

“Ballyhoo” fixed his eye on one of the red men, who seemed to be at the rear.

There is no danger,” he replied, calmly puffing his pipe; “is there, Ballyhoo?

Well, you fall for the ballyhoo and come over to have your fling—and then you find that Paris is largely bunk.

It happened to be the one which you just saw working on the ballyhoo over there, which you noticed was the ordinary slate color.